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Quotes Thank you for the times you've prayed for my sister in Victoria. She started her mew business in human resources and not only working with a company, but also getting many phone calls from individuals who need help getting jobs. Your prayers paid off, I want to thank you Quotes

Quotes Posting a testimony for God.. On Sunday [August 16] it was told in the church at Lewiston, Idaho [USA] that the fire had surrounded the town of Kamiah, Idaho and lots of evacuations were happening .. The saints of the Kamiah church [UPC] all gathered around the church and prayed over and for their church.. Well report got back and the fire came up to and burned all around the church as well as burned houses and structures although when it came to this church its like a circle was drawn all around that church and it still stands! Praise be to God!! Quotes
Sister Marlene Schmidt

Quotes I am 31 years old; I was diagnosed with lupus, my kidneys shut down and I went to dialysis twice weekly. My ankles were so swollen, it seem as though I had elephantiasis. My doctors told me that my kidneys will not function again and I will be on dialysis all my life. My mom and I heard about House of Healing and we and friend went there. The people there prayed and believed God for my healing. Shortly after they prayed, the swelling on my ankles went away. The doctors weren?t sure what was happening. On Saturday Aug 15th I went to dialysis, they tested me and told me I did not need to be dialyzed but should return on Tuesday, Aug. 18, for follow-up. The result of the follow up is that my kidneys are functioning just fine and I do not need to attend dialysis anymore. I am so overwhelmed with joy. I am awaiting them to declare me lupus free...Jesus is my healing. God bless the prayer warriors at House of Healing Quotes

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