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The History of House of Healing Apostolic Ministries

In August 2008, a sister in the Lord, living in a northern Manitoba Aboriginal community was having her midday devotion when the Lord spoke to her.  She was instructed by God to contact Pastor Bogle; who was living and working in the community, to start a Bible study group.  She did not disobey, but acted immediately.  Although Pastor Bogle was planning to leave the community and return to Winnipeg Manitoba, he heeded the called and two days later, the divinely inspired Bible study began with four persons.  Thus the seed for House of Healing Apostolic Ministries began to grow. 

Eleven months later; July 2009, the group of worshippers, a.k.a “Nelson House Group” hosted a gospel Jamboree in the community.  The meeting took the form of a three night Tent Meeting; the first of its kind in the community for over three decades.  The excitement and enthusiasm of the meeting attracted delegates from other northern Manitoba Aboriginal communities and as far south as Winnipeg.  It was one of, if not, the biggest Christian events held in the community; every night the 60’ x 80’ tent was full and overflowing.  On the Saturday night the service was broadcast on NCI radio right across the province and into northern Ontario.  During the live broadcast prayer lines were open and requests for prayer poured from across the province soliciting prayer.

Some weeks after the successful Tent Meeting, the Lord impressed on us to seek him for a name for the group.   Under the guidance and direction of Pastor Bogle the young Nelson House group, fasted and prayed to God for name.   One Wednesday evening during our Bible Study,  the Lord led us to the name House of Healing Apostolic Ministries.

In March of 2010 House of Healing Apostolic Ministries was incorporated as a legal, non-profit entity in the province of Manitoba.  In June of the same year we were designated a charitable organization by Canadian Revenue Agency. 

Today House of Healing Apostolic Ministries is a federally Incorporated entity with its Headquarter in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

House of Healing Apostolic Ministries is a multi-cultural entity, seeking to share the word of God to all, in compliance with the biblical mandate to “...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).  Consequently, we have been ministering and serving in Aboriginal communities in Manitoba and Ontario, multicultural and bi-lingual congregations across Canada and the United States of America.  Through the power of God in our lives people are being saved, healed, delivered, comforted and renewing their walk with the Lord.   


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