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Our Pastor

Pastor Ezra Bogle is the founder and Pastor of House of Healing Apostolic Ministries Inc. He is married and the father of three children. Since being called to the Master's service in 1991, Pastor Bogle has grown to become a powerhouse for the Lord. He is a strong believer in holiness, he adheres to the Apostolic Doctrine and is uncompromising and unwavering in his service for God.  He is a deep and sincere worshipper, one who constantly seeks the mind of God for direction in all that he does. He is an anointed teacher and preacher of the word. Pastor Bogle, dedicates himself to prayer, fasting and studying the word God to be spiritually alert and equipped for engagement in Spiritual Battles. His dedication to the service of God is exemplified by St. Matthew 6: 33, which states "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Pastor Bogle is also a confidant, a mentor, an enabler and a visionary. His pragmatism and dedicated service to the Lord are worthy of emulation.  

Pastor Bogle holds a Dipoma in Construction Technology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Education and a Master's Science degree in Sociology and Social Psychology.  In spite of his numerous accomplishments, Pastor Bogle continues to be a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Evangelist Gerlene Bogle was appointed as Associate Pastor, on November 5, 2011.  She is a dedicated and committed servant of the King. She does not compromise the gospel and speaks as she is led by the Holy Ghost. She allows God to direct her speech and actions.

Pastor Bogle has been in the Master's service for over two decades, and will tell you that through it all, she has learned to trust in God and has found no fault in Him. Her only regret is not giving her life to God much earlier. She has been married for 30 years, and is the proud mother of 3 wonderful children.

She is a Senior Minister in House of Healing Apostolic Ministries in Winnipeg, and has preached in Canada, Jamaica and the United States of America.  Pastor G. Bogle ministers wildly across Aboriginal communities in Manitoba and Ontario.  She mentors and nurture wounded and dying souls to spiritual health, as well.

Pastor G. Bogle is always ready to witness and evangelize to the unsaved.  She is a prayer warrior, one who hears from God, and always ready to intercede on behalf of others. She is a mighty woman of God who fearlessly and tirelessly expounds the word of God.  



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