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Sister  Carina Odidison is the Outreach and Hospitality Coordinator.  She is married, the birth mother of two sons and  mother of numerous other children.  Sister Carina has an excellent spirit; she is anointed and fears the Lord.  Her dedication and commitment to the work of the Lord depicts a true servant of God.  Sister Carina's desire is for souls to be born into the kingdom of God.  She is always willing and prepared to share the word of God.

Sister Wendy Ross is our Prayer Co-ordinator.  She is married and the mother of seven children.  She is of a meek and humble disposition that accompanies her devotion and dedication to the work of the Lord.  Sister Wendy (as she is affectionately called) a prayer warrior and an intercessor.  Sister Wendy is inspired and anointed; a woman who constantly seeks the Lord in prayer and fasting. 

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